Wednesday, November 29

2 people rescued from rip currents in Martin County

Martin County Ocean Rescue hoisted a red flag on Wednesday to warn swimmers of the strong current.

It was perfect for surfers, but not for everybody.

“I think the surf is high and beautiful, but I’m staying away from it,” beach goer Sonya Crosby said.

The waves have been active on Jensen Beach for several days now.

There was two beach rescues related to rip currents on Tuesday, according to Ian Montgelas, Martin County Ocean Rescue chief.

He said, “big set waves come in and they create these strong currents. You might feel safe in one area then get pushed to another area get stuck in a rip current and then you might need some help.”

That’s why Montgelas recommends swimming at a beach with a life guard.

But if a swimmer ever does go missing underwater, Montegelas said Martin County first responders will be ready for it.

In August, Martin County Ocean Rescue participated in a joint training with other local agencies.

Going through the motions and practicing that kind of complex call is really important so that if it ever does happen we’ll be ready for it, Montgelas said of the training.

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