Sunday, March 3

’20th Century Blues’ opens Friday in Stuart

A handful of smaller theaters are cooperating together on the Treasure Coast to create an emerging theater scene. These theaters include The Barn, Treasure Coast Theatre, The Pineapple, and A.C.T. Studio Theatre.

The venues borrow and share actors, props, and sets to help produce stronger productions.

The ACT has five rows of seats and provides audiences with closer, more intimate performances.

“A.C.T. is a small theater. We don’t have some of the resources perhaps that bigger theaters have. What we do have is that sense of intimacy the actress had tears and makeup streaming down her face and I literally walked out of the theater shaking because I felt I had been totally immersed in it,” said Joyce Milligan, the director of A.C.T. Studio Theatre.

Friday is the opening night for “20th Century Blues” at the A.C.T. Theatre. It’s a play that questions “women’s place in the world and with one another.” Tickets to the story about female friendship and power start at $20. For more information, click here.

Plotline of “20th Century Blues”

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