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45 rescued golden retrievers soon will be ready for adoption

Forty-five golden retrievers are getting ready for adoption at Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

“Some of them are shy, some of them are more friendly, but as you can see they’re all playing together,” Roxana Villavedra with Big Dog Ranch Rescue, who has been treating the dogs during their two-week quarantine.

The goldens arrived at the rescue last Tuesday after being rescued from a breeder in Virginia

“It was a very sad situation, unfortunate situation where the breeder was very overwhelmed with the amount of dogs as you can see from some of the dogs we have here, reached out to Big Dog Ranch Rescue and we stepped in to help,” Natalie Paige with Big Dog Ranch Rescue said.

She said more than 80 goldens were rescued, and about 35 went to other rescue groups as Big Dog was limited on room.

“If we could take them all we would but we are always pushing the capacity to be able to help other dogs in need,” Paige said.

Big Dog donated 80 bags of food to the breeder as there are still about 60 goldens in Virginia that they are hoping to rescue.

“A lot of them had no room to move and you’ll see that each of them have some sort of either matting or some sort of bite wounds on their ears,” Paige said. “A lot of them needed medical attention.”

She said some of the rescued goldens were in pens that had no cover left in 15-degree snowy weather.

“With these dogs there’s more that are there in Virginia. We just hope that we could give these a home,” Paige said.

The ages range from puppies to senior goldens, and they are halfway through their two-week quarantine,

“Once they are cleared medically they can be showed to adopters and then they can go home,” Villavedra said.

Big Dog said because of their situation the goldens haven’t had much exposure to people or human touch, but they have been adapting well.

The rescue said those considering adopting one of the dogs needs to be patient with training and adjusting to a family.

“We always look for obviously the right fit. We just don’t want anyone coming and taking a dog and then a dog going through the trauma of coming in here and then having to go to a home and being returned,” Paige said.


If you’re interested in adopting, you can visit BDRR and get an adoption application or register online to start the process.

They are also looking for foster families to help care for the dogs while they get adopted.

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