Friday, May 24

5 things women should monitor each day for good health

March is Womens Health Month and WPTV is tracking five things women should monitor each day when it comes to health.

WPTV anchor Shannon Cake spoke with practitioner Dr. Laurie Rothman this week about womens health. Rothman has been practicing medicine in Palm Beach County for more than 20 years. She is part of the Tampa General Hospital Concierge Health team.

Rothman recommends knowing and tracking five numbers when it comes to maintaining good health. Here is the list and the optimum number for the average healthy adult female:

1. Blood pressure 120/80

2. Sugar level – less than 100

3. LDL – less than 130

4. HDL – 50-60

5. Triglycerides – less than 150 or even 130

As always, you should consult your physician on your specific health concerns and whether your goals should be adjusted.

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