Saturday, March 2

6-year-old reunites with firefighters who saved her life

There was a very special reunion in Riviera Beach on Sunday afternoon.

A 6-year-old was reunited with firefighters who saved her life when she was just a baby.

In August 2017, Riviera Beach firefighters rescued Desire when she was just a newborn.

Now ready to say thank you to the crews that saved her life.

I think it helps Desire start to heal and start to understand her beginnings so she can become the world changer were raising her to be, Desires foster mother Quiana Frye said.

The fire ripped through the apartment in whats now Azure Apartments on Martin Luther King Drive. She had just been born when her life was changed forever.

Desire and her family visited Fire Station 88 and got a tour of the facility, and got to ride firetrucks and spend some time with crew.

The men thanked her for staying strong and being a fighter, and Desire thanked them for saving her life just days after being born.

“We dont get this opportunity,” firefighter Jason Patton, who responded to that 2017 call, said. “Normally we make the rescue, make the grab, or on the EMS side, we bring someone back and we dont get to have a conversation or follow up. Rewarding, I would also say. Its an incredible moment to be able to shake this little girls hand.

The fire department will also be paying for Desires Christmas gifts this year as another way to celebrate her bravery.

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