Friday, March 1

$75,000 Corvette swiped by thief in Martin County using electronic device

Martin County deputies are searching for an organized crime ring they said used an electronic device to steal a $75,000 Chevrolet Corvette.

Surveillance video recorded Dec. 15 at a Toyota dealership near Stuart showed the thief using a device to try and open the car.

When that didn’t work, Chief Deputy John Budensiek said the crook broke a window and climbed inside. The man then used the device to start the car and drive away.

Budensiek said this is the first time they’ve caught something like this on camera in Martin County.

“Looking back at some of our other high-end cars that were stolen, this very well may have happened,” Budensiek said. “We just didn’t have a video of it taking place where we can see exactly how they did it. It’s extremely alarming.”

Budensiek said newer, high-end cars are likely easier to manipulate because of their technology.

He recommends putting a tracker inside the vehicles, which can prevent thieves from disabling the OnStar GPS, which happened in this case.

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