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94-year-old Port St. Lucie golfer aces 9th career hole-in-one

Most golfers never feel the joy of hitting a hole-in-one. But Mitch Kaleel, 94, of Port St. Lucie, has experienced that joy nine times!

Incredibly, his most recent ace occurred just days ago.

WPTV wanted to speak with Kaleel to learn the secret behind his success.

When most folks would be relaxing at his age, he is in his full element on the golf course where he plays four times a week.

“I love the game. You can’t beat it,” Kaleel said. “We’re outside, and it’s just fun.”

In his 70-plus years of playing golf, Kaleel has hit nine holes-in-one.

His first hole-in-one occurred 24 years ago while using a ball that another golfer did not want.

“He said, ‘I don’t play Top Flites (golf balls). Here, you take it,'” Kaleel said. “He gives it to me. The next hole is a par-3 on [hole] 14. I never hit the ball before. I took the ball, teed it up and it went in the hole.”

Over the years, he has hit eight more holes-in-one. The most recent one came just a week ago.

Before retiring, Kaleel operated a successful men’s clothing store in Illinois for 50 years.

His daughter, Lori, who also plays golf, said her dad is a student of the game.

“If he’s not playing golf, he’s watching golf,” Lori said. “If he’s not watching golf, he’s studying golf. He is an encyclopedia when it comes to golf.”

Kaleel didn’t manage an ace on Tuesday when WPTV visited him on the links, but the guys he was playing with said his company is always a pleasure.

“I like his lifestyle, and he has a good sense of humor and great friend,” one of Kaleel’s playing partners said.

Roger Lyon has been playing with Kaleel for more than 20 years.

“He has always hit the ball solid, always, even now at 94,” Lyon said. “It’s amazing.”

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