Saturday, June 22

Artist takes historical Palm Beach photos and reimagines them

The Cornell Art Museum has been increasing its programming over the last year under the direction of Marusca Gatto, who works for the Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority as its cultural arts director.

“We are definitely working to program more varied artwork. We definitely want to make sure that it’s always fresh, and especially during season, when people come to visit. They’re not just coming to the museum once they’re coming repeatedly because they have something new to see,” Gatto said.

So far in 2024, there have been 11 separate exhibits.

“It’s important for us because this particular building is right on Atlantic Avenue, which is our downtown and the Downtown Development Authority is responsible for our central business district for economic vitality, and to bring visitors to the downtown. So as an arts organization like this one is naturally attractive to people who come experience art. And then when they’re here, they eat here. They drink here, and they stay,” Gatto said.

The Old School Square museum currently has four exhibits.

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