Sunday, March 3

Arts Garage in Delray Beach features diverse programs

The Arts Garage in Delray said they have worked over the last few years to make sure the art and culture events they host for the community are more diverse.

WPTV journalist T.A. Walker shined a light on the Arts Garage that’s literally located under a five-story parking garage at Delray’s Old School Square and Pineapple Grove.

Some of the programming coming up includes Delray Stories by Mark Sharf, the Art of laughter by Cam Bertrand, a Jazz trio led by Yoko Miwa, and The Black Angels Over Tuskegee

Their current art exhibit is called “Gazing Forward” and they said art and culture should be accessible to all.

“This gallery will prioritize bringing in a diverse range of people,” said Naja Hardmon, the arts curator at Arts Garage. “We all have a heartbeat, we all can connect on certain things, and this exhibition is kind of to drive that point home.”

Get a complete list of their offerings by clicking here.

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