Saturday, April 13

Betty Resch reelected Lake Worth Beach mayor in runoff

Betty Resch was reelected to a second three-year term as Lake Worth Beach mayor in a runoff Tuesday night as voters in Palm Beach County also elected Wellington Village Council and Pahokee City Commission members.

Resch received 60.77% of the 2,572 votes, defeating challenger Andy Amoroso, a former city commissioner, with 39.23%, according to unofficial results.

During the election in March, Resch received 48% of the vote while Amoroso had 31%. Since Resch won by less than 50% of the vote, the outcome automatically triggered a runoff. Two other candidates combined for 20% of the vote.


In seat 4, Maria Antuna had 51.75% of the 5,003 votes cast with Shelly Lariz Albright getting 48.25%. They were both vying to become the first Hispanic council member elected.

Antuna received 31.17% of the ballots cast in the five-candidate field in March, earning 33 more votes than Albright at 30.7%.

In seat 1, Amanda Silvestri received 51.79% of the 4,987 votes cast as former Mayor Bob Margolis earned 48.21%. Silvestri was a candidate for the Palm Beach County School Board last year.

In the March 19 election, Silvestri received 31.3% of the vote in the four-candidate field. Margolis had 26.3%.


In group 1, Everett D. McPherson Sr. captured 53.47% of the 505 votes compared to Monique Gordon with 46.53% in a battle of two newcomers.

McPherson will replace Juan “Johnny” Gonzalez, who failed to advance to the runoff.

In group 2, newcomer Sanquetta Cowan-Williams won with 63.03% of the 522 votes cast, defeating incumbent Sara Perez at 36.97%.

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