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Boca Raton 10-year-old creates a song for community wellness charity

Photo Sourced from WPTV.

Eden Gross is a 10-year-old Boca Raton native wrote and performed a song discussing mental health issues for young children with a portion of proceeds benefitting Jewish Adoption and Family Care Options, or JAFCO, and Eagles Haven community wellness center.

“We are struggling, we really feel like we don’t know what to do,” Eden Gross explained to WPTV. “We are stuck.”

To combat this feeling of being “stuck”, Eden created “Shadows on the Wall”. The song costs $1.29 with partial proceeds going to the charities listed above.

“[The song] offers so much hope and it really just aligns with anybody who has any kind of mental health or trauma,” said Sarah Franco, executive director of JAFCO.

Some of the lyrics like “Every morning when I wake up all the monsters, hiding underneath my bed” and “You got to look in your heart, try to find the brave inside” discuss mental health for children in a unique way.

“A lot of times children don’t wan to share feelings like that with their parents,” Franco said. “They don’t want to worry their parents, but we know as therapists that children do have thoughts of darkness in their lives.”

“My favorite songs cause me waterworks, but no song has ever made me cry as viscerally and immediately as this song that she wrote,” Gross’ dad said, according to WPTV.

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