Saturday, June 22

Boca Raton man who held therapist hostage for 15 hours sentenced to life in prison

A Boca Raton man who kidnapped, raped and tortured his therapist in 2022 was sentenced to life in prison Monday.

Tzvi Allswang, 22, received a life sentence from Judge Daliah Weiss at the Palm Beach County Courthouse Monday afternoon.

The horrific events happened in July 2022, when Allswang’s mental health therapist arrived at his parents’ Boca Raton home for a session. She was held against her will for 15 hours, as Allswang raped, beat and tortured her at knifepoint.

When deputies arrived, Allswang was holding a knife and would not comply with officer demands to drop it. He was subsequently shot in the head, but survived.

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