Monday, April 22

Boca Raton Regional Hospital raising autism awareness

On this World Autism Awareness Day, one local hospital is taking steps to raise awareness and better understand people on the spectrum.Members from Autism Speaks and Boca Raton Regional Hospital are wearing blue to show support, but also to announce a new partnership where hospital staff will learn more about autism. How to embrace patients on the spectrum and create a more comfortable environment.“To get that education out there. To know the right questions to ask. To know what we need to do and how to better communicate with them so we can better meet their needs,” said Michael Rasche, Manager of the Office of Patient Experience.According to Autism Speaks, a person on the spectrum may have an impaired sense of danger, delayed speech, and language skills, may not respond to verbal commands, and may fear a person in uniform. Autism Speaks said understanding a few of these behavioral characteristics can sometimes be the difference between life and death.For Lisa Harrison, whose son has autism, this new training will not only bring awareness to her community but acceptance and understanding.“I know that my family and all of our families with autism have a village around us. They have people to go to. They have people who are willing to accept them, understand them, and be kind to them,” said Harrison.Boca Raton Regional Hospital will light up blue to show support every night this month.
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