Monday, December 11

Boca’s Ballroom Battle returns to raise money for George Snow Scholarship Fund

Imagine learning one dance over the course of four months and then performing it one time in front of 850 people in the hopes of winning the Mirror Ball Trophy.

It’s all part of a fundraiser for the George Snow Scholarship Fund.

“Some of our scholars are first-generation college students, so they don’t have parents necessarily that can advise them on some of the challenges that they might have while they’re away at school,” Tim Snow, the president of the George Snow Scholarship Fund, said. “So we treat them like they’re our own sons and daughters, if you will, and we do for them what we would all do for our own kids.”

 According to organizers, this year, that fund has provided $4.4 million to Snow Scholars by giving a helping hand to hardworking and deserving young adults from Palm Beach and Broward counties.

“When we first created [the scholarship], it was sitting around a table brainstorming,” Snow said. “We said, ‘If we could ever give away $1 million in total, we’d be happy.'”

The funds namesake was Tim’s father.

“[Dad] passed away in a helicopter accident, but he started his career in South Florida as a high school math teacher, later went into real estate and construction, but while he was alive was trying to help young people that were trying to help themselves, and so we just want to continue that good work after his passing,” Snow said.

Tim thinks his father would be proud of the scholarship fund.

“I think he would be. I know he would be. He’d be embarrassed it was named after him,” laughed Snow. “But he’d be very, very proud of what we’re doing.”

Boca’s Ballroom Battle is sold out, but the public can support the dancers’ fundraising efforts for the big show by visiting their website.

The event will take place Sept. 23 at 6 p.m.

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