Sunday, May 19

Castle Key Insurance canceling policies in Florida after requesting rate hike

Policyholders with Castle Key Insurance in Florida may now be facing the possibility of nonrenewal notices as hurricane season draws closer.

“Castle Key, we’ve seen a lot of nonrenewals coming, most of them are again in June, July and the peak [storm] season,” Robert Norberg of Arden Insurance in Lantana said.

Most of the notices he said have to do with higher-risk properties, older homes built before 2002 and also homes closer to water.

“It’s all in their exposure management,” Norberg said.

Castle Key is owned by Allstate, who sent WPTV the following statement:

“Castle Key is committed to protecting our Florida customers, and we’re actively working with regulators to protect as many customers as possible over the long haul. Some customers we can no longer cover have the option to easily transition to Monarch insurance.”

Allstate also referred to higher costs, legal system abuse and more severe weather impacting the Florida insurance market.

Castle Key made a request in February to Florida insurance regulators for a rate hike just above 50%, citing higher costs in repairs and reinsurance.

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