Sunday, March 3

Children celebrate New Year’s Noon at mall

Hundreds of kids filled up the hallways of the Town Center at Boca Raton as the mall’s annual Noon Year’s Eve party.

With most kids likely to be asleep by midnight, the Town Center allows kids to pack the mall and enjoy confetti, a magician and a juice box toast in the play area in Nordstrom Court.

The annual event represents an opportunity for families to create memories with their kids. SOT1: Bernard Budd – Uncle and longtime attendee

“It’s just special every single year,” Bernard Budd, an uncle and long-time attendee said. “It’s ne of those great feelings that you get when you’re a kid. You can’t stay up late when you’re a kid, so we have a Noon Year’s Eve. It’s fun.”

Danielle Sava, a parent, said: “It’s so fun. They look forward to coming and playing with the confetti, the juice box toast and everything. It’s really nice.”

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