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‘Christmas Tree Lady’ has 55 trees in her Palm Beach Gardens house

Palm Beach Gardens woman has over 50 Christmas trees in her house – Part 1

Starting in September, a Palm Beach Gardens woman starts adorning her home with 50 Christmas Trees. T.A. Walker calls her the Christmas Tree Lady and is shining a light on how she built her festive wonderland.

 Diane Tice’s “tree-mendous” obsession for decorating Christmas Trees started small.” She only trimmed five full-sized trees a year.

 “And then jumped to seven,” admitted Tice.

In 2021 when WPTV stopped by her house she had 20 Christmas trees and last year she was up to 30 “unfir-gettable” trees. And this year…

“Fifty-five of them,” said Tice.

Nordstrom’s Christmas decor has got nothing on Diane Tice. She decorates as a sort of therapy.

 “A distraction from the negativity of the world,” she said. “You forget about problems and things that are not right in this world.”

 Her trees are lit. She starts decorating before anyone else is even thinking about Halloween.

“I start in September,” Tice said.

She hosts an open house for her neighbors and lets them vote on their favorite.

 “I had everybody name their top three trees,” Tice said.

 But where does it all go when she’s done for the season?

“I store everything in a huge closet that I have. The trees are all stored in the garage, Tice said.

Her husband, David, has a rule.

He said if you need a storage unit, you’ve got to stop, she said.

 This year, with the influx of trees, she’s run out of space, but has a simple solution.

“Some will stay up year round, just because I’m out of room in the garage,” Tice said.

And if you are wondering which tree out of 55 the gifts go under.

 “It depends on the wrapping paper,” giggled Tice.

Tice said when she invites over her neighbors in PGA National next year, she plans to hold a toy drive for charity.

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