Sunday, April 14

Crowd grows during 2nd day of Cognizant Classic

It’s the second day of the Cognizant Classic and it appears the crowd has swollen from the fairways to the practice grounds of the tournament.

Mary Whittelsey has simplified why she’s shown up every year.

“A famous quote my brother in-law created is ‘it’s a party where a golf tournament broke out,'” she said.

The interesting thing about Whittelsey is that she loves the tournament and golf but doesn’t even play.

“My husband played, we watch a lot of golf, I love to follow golfers, certain golfers around and it’s beautiful here,” she said. “Why wouldn’t you want to be out here.”

Beautiful it is, indeed, it’s sunny, partly cloudy with a beautiful breeze swirling around. Perfect weather to follow your favorite golfer during his round.

The Cognizant Classic is attracting everyone from all over the country and across the pond.

France Lett is from France. He wanted good golf and a chill atmosphere on the second day.

“I just want to have a good time to watch good players,” he said.

Slowly but surely the field will be whittled down. Whittelsey said she has a golfer in mind for the win.

“Rory of course. He’s local first of all, he’s a great spokesperson for PGA, big time and I watched him for the first time when he was 19,” she said. “So, I got to watch him grow.”

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