Thursday, June 13

Dead fish suddenly start turning up at Fort Pierce lake

A Fort Pierce resident said dead fish have been turning up in the lake behind her for months, but no one has come out to help with the problem.

Jeni Marrero said on any given day she will find about 10 dead fish along the edge of her property. She said the site and smell are hard to endure.

“First it was like one, two, then it kept getting more and more and more,” Marrero said. “I have taken out of this lake like 50 fish already, and now it’s out of control.”

The Florida Oceanographic Society said this is likely a fish kill situation, however, the cause can only be determined through an investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

WPTV has contacted the FWC about the situation at this lake, but we’re still waiting to hear back.

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