Friday, February 23

Delivery drivers question safety on job after fatal shooting of Domino’s employee

Trevor Johnson said hes been delivering pizzas at a West Palm Beach Domino’s location for a little over a week, and for the most part he says he feels safe

“It is dangerous but its no more dangerous than say a bank or a GNC, Johnson said after three men were arrested Wednesday and face charges of first-degree murder with a firearm in the fatal shooting of Tommie Anderson III, 33, of Riviera Beach one day earlier in West Palm Beach.

Johnson said Dominos and other companies that offer delivery service have policies in place to try to protect employees.

“Were not allowed to have any more than $20 in cash on us so its kind of like gas stations,” Johnson said. “You know we dont have a lot of cash so theres really no incentive for any one to rob us.”

No more than $20 was enough for three people shoot and kill Anderson while he was out delivering for Domino’s on Douglass Avenue and Nine Street, police said.

“I didnt know Tommie personally, Johnson said, “I just started last week and what I heard was that it was Andersons second day and thats terrifying.”

And, concerning. Customers where Dominos where Anderson worked have questions.

Dominos customer Frank Marra said, Why? What was your point. Why would you do that?”

One of the three suspects admitted to police that he shot Anderson because he was in need of money and expecting a paycheck that he didnt receive.

Johnson said the incident is enough to take his own steps to ensure his safety.

“Find some kind of protection, I carry a gun. I know other people that carry a gun. Just find a way to protect yourself, Johnson said.

Beyond that, Johnson said constant vigilance is key, and if he feels unsafe on a delivery, his protection comes with him. After news of Andersons death, customers say they cant blame him.

“Yeah I would recommend at least a Taser, something to just stun them to make sure they dont have an opportunity to get much closer to you. Whether its a firearm or Taser gun or whatever the case may be, Marra said.

Drivers and truckers saw fatalities increase 8% from 2021 to 2022 (1,032 to 1,115), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It’s a number that includes pizza delivery drivers.

While he reflects on the life lost, there is a message to those who might try something similar.

“The guys that killed Tommie, I mean there might be people who arent going to be as easy to be robbed next time. Everybody just needs to be ready to protect themselves,” Johnson said.

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