Sunday, April 14

Delray Beach company challenges corporate culture amid a ‘pandemic recession’

The devastating effects of what economists call a “pandemic recession” is impacting the homeless and underemployed. Researchers at Economic Roundtable estimate homelessness among working-age adults is projected to peak in 2023 without government intervention. But one local company says it’s not a government problem and they’re changing challenging corporate culture.Kimberly Lara is a laboratory administrative assistant at Genetics Institute of America in Delray Beach. They are a genetics laboratory specializing in COVID-19 and cancer research and genetics testing.”I love to learn. And all I want to do is grow and be a better person than I was today,” said Lara. ”Everyday I learn something new. I’m very fascinated with DNA.”And her employer is actively seeking workers with diverse experiences like hers.”I used to own a house. I had a beautiful family and lost everything in a split second,” Lara said.She was recently homeless. A number financial experts say is increasing amid a pandemic recession.”Normally it’s very hard for homeless and transitional people to get a job. But now the pandemic has made it even worse because unemployment levels are very high in this country still,” said Tom Essaye, Sevens Report Research president and financial expert. “So now you have a labor pool full of experienced people also looking for work.”Jim Rhoads is training, education and employment services director for The Lord’s Place. They are a non-profit organization that’s collaborating with companies like Genetics Institute of America to prepare the homeless for the competition.”That is the big game changer,” Rhoads said. ”It’s done through training and education and finally employment.”Holly Magliochetti is the CEO and founder of Genetics Institute of America. She says her company is focused on growing a corporate culture that’s inclusive, diverse and encouraging.”Somebody’s that’s not going to judge them on where they are right now. But sees their potential,” Magliochetti said. “Then everybody knows they’re a part of a team whose mission is to give lives, save lives and give back.”Genetics Institute of America is actively looking to hire six new workers in customer service and administrative support. To learn more visit learn more about The Lord’s Place visit here,
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