Saturday, April 13

Delray Beach dog rescued from Intracoastal and returned to family

A seafaring dog had the adventure of a lifetime this week.Tito had been sailing with his family for ten days when they were almost home to Delray Beach. It seems Tito got too excited and jumped into the Intracoastal Waterway. His family turned around and searched for Tito all night, but couldn’t find him.Luckily, it was low tide and Tito swam to the shore where Daniel Negron found him.Thanks to Tito’s microchip, the little dog was able to be reunited with his family quickly.Tito greeted his family with lots of tail wags and kisses.Tito’s family is so happy for his safe return and wants to remind everyone to microchip their pets and make sure they have life vests when they’re on a boat.
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