Friday, February 23

‘Disenchanted’ princesses to grace Mizner Park this weekend

What would happen if all the royal princesses from fairy tales rebelled? Thats the plot of the musical “Disenchanted.”

MNM Theatre Company is bringing the musical to Mizner Park for the first time. Its an unconventional take on the fairy tale princesses like Snow White, Mulan, the Little Mermaid, and more.

Producers said it’s a story of female empowerment and what happens after happily ever after.

Cast of “Disenchanted” preforms “Perfect”

The cast of ‘Disenchanted’ preforms ‘Perfect’

And this story is, who are you now? This is the transition between the princes have left, they have left the building. And what are the princesses going to do? Well, they’re not going to lie around and cry, said Marcie Gorman, the CEO of MNM Theatre Company

“Disenchanted” will be at The Studio at Mizner Park starting this Friday night through Jan. 21.

This is an adult story intended for audiences over the age of 13.

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