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Dog rescue conducts adoption fundraiser through hot dog event

Mutty Paws Rescue joined forces with 123 Datura in downtown West Palm Beach on Wednesday to help dogs in need of homes.


“We have to make a difference and we need help of the public to do it,” Mutty Paws Rescue founder Ashley Miller said.

The nonprofit set up a pen with puppies, outside 123 Da

The nonprofit set up a pen with puppies, outside 123 Datura, as the bar/restaurant turned its weekly hot dog day special into a fundraiser, adoption event.

“It’s hot dog day so you adopt a dog, you buy a hot dog,” Miller said.

The restaurant donated 50% of its net sales from 5 to 8 p.m., and 100% of the money sold from its Hot Dog of the Day sales.

Mutty Paws says it helps foster dogs from places like the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control Shelter.

In April, the shelter reported they had more dogs than available kennels.

“We get pleas from everyone, everywhere, but they can’t keep up. It breaks our heart we so badly want to see their numbers reduced so dogs aren’t euthanized,” Miller said.


The event also benefits the Lantana-Atlantis Animal Hospital, which partners with Mutty Paws.


“Staff, doctors, they help us tremendously. If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t do what we do because they cut our costs down for,” Miller said.

They said even if the dogs don’t get adopted, they hope someone finds the spark to help by fostering.

“It’s rewarding because it’s not a permanent commitment. We cover all costs, we cover bedding, supplies, whatever the dog needs and you’re just there to open your door and love it,” Miller said.

Currently Mutty Paws said they have 47 dogs with foster families.


“You don’t find many rescues especially local rescues that takes in these dogs at their worst condition possible,” Jessica Nicolakakaos, who works at Lantana-Atlantis Animal Hospital, said. “Every single thing you can think of, if they get a call from Broward County and they say ‘hey we have this dog on its death bed,’ Mutty Paws is there in 10 minutes.”

Nicolakakaos said she fostered a dog from Mutty Paws Rescue, and then decided to adopt it.

“These guys are the best companions you can ever find in your life,” Nicolakakaos said.”They don’t have a voice, they’re innocent and we need to be their voice.”

Mutty Paws said thanks to the event, they were able to register people interested in adoptions, and that one dog went to its forever home.

“Everything should be about the rescue dogs, because at the end of the day, not many of them are given chances,” Nicolakakaos said.

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