Friday, May 24

Donald Trump wins Republican presidential primary in Florida

Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential primary in Florida.

The former president cast his ballot earlier Tuesday in Palm Beach.

With 73 precincts reporting in Florida, Trump had 846,969 votes compared to Nikki Haley’s 150,666 votes. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who pulled out of the race months ago, was a distant third at 38,868 votes.

Florida Democrats canceled their primary and opted to award all 224 of their delegates to President Joe Biden.

Trump and Biden have for weeks been focused on the general election, aiming their campaigns lately on states that could be competitive in November rather than merely those holding primaries.

Trump on Saturday rallied in Ohio, which has for several years been reliably Republican after once being a national bellwether in presidential elections. Trump won the state by about 8 percentage points in 2016 and 2020. But there are signs the state could be more competitive in 2024. Last year, Ohio voted overwhelmingly to protect abortion rights in its constitution and voted to legalize marijuana.

Biden, meanwhile, was visiting Nevada and Arizona on Tuesday, two states that were among the closest in 2020 and remain top priorities for both campaigns.

Trump and Biden are running on their records in office and casting the other as a threat to America. Trump, 77, portrays the 81-year-old Biden as mentally unfit. The president has described his Republican rival as a threat to democracy after his attempt to overturn the 2020 election results and his praise of foreign strongmen.

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