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Driver killed in crash in Boynton Beach mourned at candlelight vigil

Friends, family and loved ones are remembering a 24-year-old man killed in a crash in Boynton Beach on Friday night.

Nicholas Tedesco was one of three people who died in a head-on two-vehicle crash along Hypoluxo Road and Paxford Lane.

Tedesco worked at TooJays in Palm Beach, where a few dozen people came to remember his life during a candlelight vigil Wednesday night. The ceremony featured people sharing stories about Tedesco while listeners cried over their loss.

Shannon, who said she was Nicholas’ mother, described him as “brilliant” and a “special person” at the vigil.

Allton Coma, who also spoke, described Nicholas as his best friend after they met at chess club in third grade. He said they would play sports and stay up late playing video games.

“He was a bundle of joy that was quick-witted and had all the quips,” Coma said. “Like that was his superpower other than making you smile he was just smooth.”

He said the toughest part about losing his best friend is not having him at milestones of his life like marriage.

“I always expected him to be a groomsman in my wedding and now that won’t happen,” Coma said. “I always expected to be groomsman in his wedding and now that won’t happen. I don’t know man. It’s just tough that he’s not here [and] experience things I want to experience with him.”

He just wanted people to know how much joy and happiness he brought to people, who met him. Coma also said he made his friends and family better people.

“I love that man with all my heart and I’m just so sad he’s gone,” he said.

Nicholas’ picture with flowers and a WWE Championship belt was placed on a table in the backroom at TooJays. Coma said they used to play WWE video games when they were younger.

Other speakers said Tedesco liked to play sports, including softball and flag football, with friends. One speaker recounted a time where they showed up to dress in costumes with friends at a pre-school after another group cancelled at the last minute.

Tedesco was one of three people killed in the crash. Both Alexandra Doran, 26, and Adam Uwanawich, 35, also died.

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