Monday, April 22

Empty nesters facing new challenges in marriage, counselor says

Earlier this year, Florida was named one of the best places to retire by WalletHub.

As the state’s population ages, a licensed mental health counselor who also does marriage counseling said she has observed an interesting clientele change.

Terrini Woods chatted with WPTV Today on 5 anchor Hollani Davis at our Let’s Hear It viewer meet-up at the Palm Beach Zoo earlier this month.

While Woods offers pre-marital and newlywed counseling, she’s also getting more empty nesters who are facing new challenges in their marriage.

“How do we do life differently? What if health is an issue? What if there’s menopause? There’s retirement. There are so many factors,” Woods said.

Woods said as Florida also becomes more costly, that has caused friction in marriages because one spouse wants to move.

U.S. News and World Report found that every seven couples out of 1,000 get divorced in Florida. Arkansas has the highest divorce rate. 12 out of every 1,000 couples in the state end up splitting.

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