Sunday, March 3

Fence builders busy ahead of strong winds, severe weather threat

Whenever the winds start to howl, Rob Stone knows his phones will blow up.

Stone, the owner of Fenced In in Port St. Lucie, had four crews out working Tuesday on various projects.

“If we get customers who say, ‘my gate just broke,’ we will go after those customers and get them buttoned, that way they can let their dogs out and then go about their regular normal day,” Stone said.

Stone said when a storm is brewing, they have to figure out a plan for the day.

“Wind gusts of anything more than 20-30 mph, we try not to work out there,” Stone said. “You can’t keep string lines straight. You can’t work in those kind of conditions.”

Out on a job site, fence builders are also paying attention to the high winds to make sure their employees stay safe.

At a White City home in St. Lucie County on Tuesday, Jonathan Jenkins’ crew put in a wood fence as well as a chain link fence.

He tries to provide a special service if a customer has concerns about extreme winds.

“We will come to your house on days like this and take gates off and let wind flow them to prevent further damage,” Jenkins said.

Since this particular project won’t be completed Tuesday, they needed to make sure all their material was secured.

“That’s a hazardous thing too,” Jenkins said. “You got to keep things tied down. Weve got tarps set up on our stuff getting ready for the storm.”

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