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Former Palm Beach Central High School principal appears in court, fighting to have criminal charge dismissed

The former principal of Palm Beach Central High School in Wellington is fighting for his reputation as his attorney argued in court Wednesday to have the case against the career educator dropped.

Darren Edgecomb is facing a charge of failing to report a suspected case of sexual assault, which the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said occurred between two 15-year-old students off-campus on April 2, 2021.


The State Attorney’s Office maintains that Edgecomb should have reported the incident immediately on Aug. 16, 2021, when a student who was not involved in the alleged sexual assault made a vague report about the incident.

In court Wednesday, John Howe, Edgecomb’s attorney, argued the former principal didn’t have enough information at the time and followed school board policy by investigating the claims and interviewing those involved.

Edgecomb eventually did make a report to the Florida Department of Children and Families three days later on Aug. 19, 2021.

WATCH: Attorney for former Palm Beach Central High School principal ‘confident’ no crime was committed

Attorney for former Palm Beach Central High School principal ‘confident’ no crime was committed

Judge Scot Suskauer did not rule Wednesday on Edgecomb’s motion to dismiss the charge against him, but said he could rule as early as Thursday when both sides are due back in court.

If Suskauer does not dismiss the charge, he said the case could go to trial as early as next week.

Edgecomb revealed Wednesday that since his arrest on July 24 of last year, he has been reassigned to the School District of Palm Beach County’s maintenance and plant operations department.

In addition to Edgecomb, four other Palm Beach Central High School staffers assistant principal Daniel Snider, assistant principal Nereyda Cayado De Garcia, chorus teacher Scott Houchins, and school behavioral therapist Priscilla Carter were all arrested for failure to report the suspected sexual abuse.

Snider successfully fought to have his charge dismissed late last year.

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