Saturday, March 2

Gasoline spill creates foul smell in Palm City neighborhood

A diesel spill of an unknown origin has created a foul smell near the St. Lucie C-44 Canal in Palm City.

Around 9 p.m. Wednesday, Martin County Fire Rescue Station 22 personnel responded to the area, which includes the Highland Reserve subdivision near the Willis Marina. It is also neare where Florida’s Turnpike and Interstate 95 cross.

Spokesman Cory Pippin said they investigated for over an hour but could not find the source or cause of the “very small sheen.”

The Department of Environmental Protection and the sheriff’s office environmental unit was notified.

Larry Colson told WPTV his wife Paula started smelling a strong odor of gas on Tuesday but wasnt sure what it was. On Wednesday, it got much worse and they noticed a layer of black film on the river behind their home.

“That’s when we first started to notice it,” Colson told WPTV. “It become really evident Wednesday. As we walked on the dock, we could clearly see some sort of petroleum product. It looks like diesel.”

Because of the smell, they weren’t able to go in the backyard for days but it has since dissipated enough for him to go out there.

WPTV photojournalist Jeff Ringrose shot video of the scene on Saturday morning.

Diesel spill creates foul smell in Palm City neighborhood

Colson said he hasn’t encountered this smell in the three years he’s lived there.

Paula Colson spoke with someone from the Florida EPA.

The spill may have come from a boat.

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