Saturday, April 13

Harvey Oyer Park boat ramps could be closed for 2 months in Boynton Beach

The boat ramps at Harvey Oyer Park in Boynton Beach could be temporarily closed later this year.The city commission is meeting Tuesday to discuss improving the boat ramps.Stephen Kopowski said he uses the boat ramps at Harvey Oyer Park multiple times a week.Kopowski said this is one of the most popular public boat ramps in the county for boaters.”I keep my boat about a mile away. I am in and out of here 20-30 minutes flat,” Kopowski said.The Boynton Beach City Commission wants to close the ramps for two months to reconstruct the four launches.Mayor Steven Grant said the city has funding help through a grant, and improvements would make it easier for boaters to get in and out of the park.”With the new launch, we will make it easier for people to understand how to drop their boat off and pick them up in the future,” Grant said.The boat ramps are located on the western side of the Intracoastal Waterway across from the Boynton Inlet, making it a popular location for boaters to launch their vessel.”I am going to have to start going to the Lantana launch, which their capacity is a quarter of what the Boynton launch is,” Kopowski said.He said he’s not excited to hear the ramps would be closed for two months, but he said improvements to the ramps are needed.”I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit the one pothole right in the center, banged my lower unit,” Kopowski said.Resident Debra Wagner said getting rid of the cobblestones would be an improvement.”That would be nice. It would easier to walk on,” Wagner said. “When it’s wet, it is slick.”Grant said he is proposing prorating the two months for people who have permits at the park.The boat ramps are set to close in October and reopen in December.
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