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‘Highly intoxicated’ veteran accused of shooting girlfriend, her adult daughter inside gated community

A military veteran known to have PTSD shot his girlfriend and her daughter inside a gated community in Martin County on Thursday night, deputies said. Deputies said both women survived the incident and are in stable condition.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy John Budensiek said a “highly intoxicated” 60-year-old man came to a house, located inside the Crane Creek development on Martin Downs Boulevard in Palm City, just after 6 p.m.

While at the home, investigators said the man and his girlfriend got into an argument over their relationship, and he demanded to have sex with her.

When she said no to his demands, deputies said the man shot his 65-year-old girlfriend at point-blank range with a handgun while she was sitting on a couch.

According to the sheriff’s office, the mother was shot at point-blank range in the shoulder. She then ran away and was shot in the rear end.

The woman’s daughter, who is in her 40s, ran away as well and was shot in the shoulder.

According to the sheriff’s office, the two women escaped to a neighbor’s house where the neighbor called 911.

Budensiek said the mother and daughter are lucky to be alive.

“The shot when in just to the left of her neck, or on me to the right of my neck, above her clavicle,” Budensiek said. “Thankfully it wasn’t over a few inches or else this could have been a homicide scene instead of an attempted homicide.”

Investigators said the man later surrendered with a bottle of liquor in his hand.

The sheriff’s office said it has responded to this house in the past.

They said the shooter, whose name has not been released, has schizophrenia and drinking issues.

He is currently in custody and being held at the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. It’s unclear what charges he may face.

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