Wednesday, April 17

How much higher could Florida’s home insurance rates climb this year?

Predictions are coming in on how high Florida’s property insurance rates will increase this year.

A new report from digital insurance agency Insurify predicts insurance premiums will rise by 6% for the remainder of this year.

Several states will see larger increases including Florida where premiums are expected to rise 7%, driving the average premium to $11,759.

WPTV has interviewed area residents who have been hit with increases, including some that have doubled.

“Insurify found that Florida home insurance is now nearly $11,000 per year for the average homeowner,” Chase Gardner of Insurify, an online insurance agency, said.

The pain is particularly stinging in several South Florida cities, which made the top ten on Insurify’s list of costliest places with high climate risks.

By the end of this year, the study predicts the average premium in West Palm Beach will rise from $13,123 to $13,501, and in Port St. Lucie from $11,897 to $12,199.

“Still a 7% increase on top of double-digit increases over the past couple of years, it’s just ending up being a huge financial burden for all Americans but especially for Florida and South Floridians,” Gardner said.

He said the numbers are less in other parts of Florida and reflect the risks that insurers associate with the southeast corner of the state.

Adding to the uncertainty is an approaching hurricane season that some forecasters predict will be severe.

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