Wednesday, April 17

Hula fundraiser to send kids to summer camp in Jupiter

Get ready to hula into spring at the Edna W. Runner Tutorial Center at their Garden Luau, which will benefit student scholarships to the summer camp.

The summer camp includes reading, math, and project activities, and excursions are designed to be fun and help develop core skills such as communication, academic self-efficacy, self-control, and teamwork, all linked to positive academic and socio-emotional outcomes.

The goal is to keep kids engaged in education.

“You want to stop the summer slide as much as you can. And then you also want to expose them to a lot of things. A lot of our students here don’t have the opportunity or the parents don’t have the opportunity throughout the school year to bring them to different places and, you know, we take that on. We just want the kids to come here. Have fun and learn something every day,” said Travis Conway, the executive director for the Edna W. Runner Tutorial Center.

The luau will be at the center’s Simon’s Giving Garden on Thursday, April 18. You can find ticket information by clicking here.

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