Tuesday, May 21

‘If all else fails, call 911’: Victim advocate highlights resources available following domestic shootings

In the past two and a half months, WPTV has covered at least three cases of domestic abuse that ended in gun violence or death.

NewsChannel 5 spoke Wednesday to neighbors and victim advocates about the signs of abuse and the resources available to those who need it.

In early March, Kelvi McCray, 18, in West Palm Beach was shot and killed inside a home by her ex-boyfriend.

In Port St. Lucie over the weekend a 71-year-old man shot a woman five times before getting involved in a SWAT standoff.

Then, most recently, Palm Beach County deputies said Nancie Elan was shot and killed by Yves Antoine early Monday.

The shooting took place just a couple of houses down the street from their neighbor, Norma Sales.

“It’s shocking,” Sales said. “You never understand what is happening in the inside of the home.”

Sales said she recalls hearing shouting between Antoine and Elan in the past and law enforcement called to the home at least once, but she never thought it would end in someone’s death. Neighbors said Elan’s child was present to witness the aftermath.

Sales said it reminds her how important it is to speak up before it’s too late.

“I can tell maybe as a woman how hard it is,” Sales said, “to stay quiet and not look for help. She didn’t look for her or for her kid. She stayed quiet until she died.”

Court documents show Antoine was petitioning for paternity and full custody of the child as recently as last month.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 37.9% of Florida women have experienced intimate partner/domestic violence in their lifetime.

They also say an abuser’s access to guns makes the risk of intimate partner femicide at least five times more likely.

Victim advocates like Bianca DeLoach said there are resources available

“They have 211. They also have a hotline for domestic violence,” DeLoach said. “If all else fails, call 911. Never forget 911. There are shelters for women and children.”

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