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Is the U.S. the new Chinese Hong Kong

Much has been speculated about the future of the U.S. at this stage of expectation regarding the plans and decisions of new U.S. President Joe Baden,separating campaign promises and government plans.

According to the analysis of a Chinese: it will be the future of the USA, to become the new Hong Kong and argues, referring to the current situation:

There is no  doubt about the euphoria of high-tech companies with the promised new relationships with China, which brings imponderable advantages to these companies, for example:  

Labor cost – With the restrictions placed on immigration visas in the current government, the hiring of technicians from other countries would have to be done, by paying minimum amounts compatible with those paid to American professionals. This has brought a substantial increase in the cost of labor.

Import – With tariffs imposed  on Chinese products, they are coming to the U.S. with higher costs, because the Chinese government has not always paid off this burden. The new policy promised by President Baden should review these tariffs by improving the profitability of businesses.

With the dependence of these companies from China, they supported the campaign of the elected candidate, not only with substantial resources, but with a control of the media that they manage, and followed with this control, as some say, almost in a Chinese system, preventing divergent thoughts from having a way of being disseminated through social media. 

But even if this is true, it does not mean that there is an interest in creating any problem for U.S. growth and economic greatness, because, even for China, it needs the U.S. to remain a successful capitalist country, among other reasons why:

  • It is the largest holder of American government bonds in the world;
  • It has capitalized its companies through the U.S. Stock Exchange;
  • It has in American companies and citizens its largest client;
  • It has, in American universities, the great basis of the preparation of its citizens in high technology and development;
  • It has had access, in some way, to all the technology developed in the USA;
  • It has control of thousands of companies in the U.S., media and large, from all areas, ranging from entertainment to media, from logistics to commerce, from real estate to technology.
  • They will have control of global logistics by 2025,and therefore,  any country, including the U.S.,  only  imports or exports under the control of a company from China

As the Chinese said, Hong  Kong, as a capitalist platform, no longer meeting China’s expansion needs in terms of world power, needed something greater. They closed HK’s freedoms and took over the U.S.

Does Biden have the desire and the ability to avoid this prognosis?

Only history will tell if the Chines is right.

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