Saturday, March 2

‘It’s a little scary,’ downtown West Palm Beach visitor says of weather threat

As the winds pick up Tuesday, downtown West Palm Beach businesses are preparing for what could be a stormy night ahead.

At ER Bradley’s Saloon, a majority of their space is outside, so they obviously have to make some accommodations when there is strong weather moving in.

“This is usually a very busy area, and it’s not today, obviously,” said Max Marion, the manager of ER Bradley’s Saloon.

ER Bradley’s is a hot spot in downtown West Palm Beach. But as winds picked up Tuesday, the customers moved inside. The outdoor bar and the lawn seating area were closed for the day.

“We’re on the water near the Intracoastal. If there’s wind and storms and rain, it can definitely affect business. But we are always open and ready to have a good time,” Marion said.

Across downtown, construction sites made sure equipment and lose ends were tied down. And the water is churning.

“It’s a little scary, honestly,” said Charles Hernandez, who’s visiting South Florida. “If you don’t pay attention, I feel like you can get blown off the bridge. But I like seeing it.”

Hernandez grew up in Florida, but has since moved away. He knows he needs to have patience with the Sunshine State weather.

“It can be like this for 10 minutes, and then it can be really chill for an hour, and then it can be really bad for an hour, and then perfect for the rest of the day. So it’s just part of living here. Part of the life,” Hernandez said.

Back at ER Bradley’s Saloon, the team is used to the Florida life, too.

“Depending on the wind and forecast, we’ll bring things in as needed,” Marion said. “We have storage for everything. So as the wind picks up, we’ll make those adjustments and open what needs to be open.”

The restaurant said that, of course, safety is the number one priority, ut they will be open and serving Tuesday night.

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