Saturday, April 13

‘It’s disgraceful:’ Fort Pierce man pleads for community’s help in locating stolen boat

A Fort Pierce man is turning to the community for help after the boat he made for his son, to honor his sons cancer fight, was stolen.

Fight Dylan Fight are engraved into the deck of a 37-foot boat that was stolen from Fortress RV and Boat Storage in Fort Pierce.

This is so far beyond just a regular boat. I can replace a boat tomorrow. Thats not the problem, David Caponas said. The problem is the sentimental value that is priceless. I cant replace that.

The boat was custom made in honor of Caponas 12-year-old son, Dylan. His son suffered a traumatic brain injury after being diagnosed with leukemia at age 6. Now, at age 12, Dylan has been in remission for four years.

I havent had the chance and the opportunity to bring him on the boat yet, Caponas said. Thats what was killing me.

Every inch of the boat holds a special meaning to the Caponas family. The orange ribbon represents leukemia cancer awareness and the name Deserved Therapy acknowledges the long journey theyve been on.

Its got a beautiful wrap, it’s got a leukemia decal on the side of it, Caponas said. I mean whoever sees the boat knows that its a purpose, its not just your average boat out there.

He said he was horrified that someone would steal it.

I dont know how to describe it other than my heart just dropped down to my stomach Caponas said. I just couldnt believe that my boat was missing out of my spot. Its disgraceful is what it is.

Now, hes looking to the community to help him get it back.

Im hoping if anybody saw anything, please say something, please report it to authorities, Caponas said.

As for Fortress RV and Boat Storage, they said they pride themselves on strong security and plan to make further improvements following the theft.

In the meantime, theyre trying to help.

Fortress RV and Boat Storage is offering a $5,000 reward for the conviction of the perpetrator or perpetrators involved in this, manager Keith Danks said.

Fort Pierce Police Department posted on Facebook of surveillance images taken on Saturday of two individuals in a U-Haul pickup truck.

Anyone with information regarding the theft, should call Det. Osorio-Escobar at 772-979-1429 or Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-(800)-273-8477.

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