Monday, April 22

KaShamba Miller-Anderson wins 4th term as Riviera Beach District 2 councilwoman

Riviera Beach has had its share of controversies this election season from a shoving match between council members to concerns about the quality of its drinking water.

However, it didn’t seem to hurt the re-election chances of the one incumbent city council member on the ballot.

Of the five Riviera Beach City council members, KaShamba Miller-Anderson has been the one to avoid controversy in recent years.

Voters on Tuesday rewarded her with a fourth term.

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Her victory celebration remained low-key after winning 53% of the votes in the city.

Despite the water controversy in the city, Miller-Anderson made water quality the centerpiece of her campaign.

Despite calls for change in city government, voters in District 2 said they wanted to keep the woman who has represented their area for the past nine years.

“I try my very hardest to stay far removed from any type of drama or any type of controversy,” Miller-Anderson said. “But that’s just who I am as a person in general, always have been.”

The councilwoman also praised her opponent Leroy Kelson IV for running a clean campaign.

She said Kelson could have a future in politics if that’s the path he chooses.

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