Tuesday, May 21

Kindergarten registration now open in Palm Beach County schools

The class of 2037 is getting registered for kindergarten!

Data shows about half of Palm Beach County public school students were considered “kindergarten ready” to start last school year.

Teachers said there are a lot of skills parents can practice with your kids right now to make sure they’re prepared.


Christine Grillo loves the enthusiasm she sees on her kindergartners’ faces at Elbridge Gale Elementary School in Wellington.

“They love learning,” Grillo said. “They love reading, they love writing, they love math. Everything is new to them because theyve never been in a big school before.”

Grillo said students come into the classroom at all different levels, but she likes them to already know their letters and sounds. She notices a big difference between kids who participated in pre-kindergarten and those who didn’t.

“The ones who were in the VPK program are more acclimated to school culture,” Grillo said. “They are used to sitting on the carpet, following directions, transitioning from one activity to another when the teacher says its time to.”

It’s those life skills and independence that school leaders said can set students up for success.

“Routines, how to open a lunch box, how to open containers, water bottles. Simple things like that are helpful,” said Chad Phillips, an assistant principal at Elbridge Gale Elementary School. “They are used to taking naps, which we dont have naps. So getting used to a long school day.”

Registration is open now on the School District of Palm Beach County’s website and in-person.

Elementary schools are also preparing for kindergarten round-up events when parents can come to campus and learn more about what their child’s day will be like.

So while it can be hard to watch your little ones head off to elementary school, Grillo said the transformation is priceless.

“They come in, and some are just lost little puppies. And by the end of the year, they are writing, reading, so much more independent. They are really like little people by the end of the year,” Grillo said.

Once again this year, all incoming kindergarten students will get learning kits from the School District of Palm Beach County with letters and numbers to practice over the summer so they are ready for the first day of the new school year.

To register for kindergarten in Palm Beach County and to learn more about your school’s kindergarten round-up, click here.

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