Tuesday, May 21

Lake Worth Beach works to improve open space, recreation opportunities

A new survey in the city of Lake Worth Beach is asking for feedback from their residents about green spaces and recreational opportunities in town.

WPTV spoke with those living in the city about what’s on their wish list.

It’s the melting pot of Palm Beach County.

Krysten Razzano said the city of Lake Worth Beach is a welcoming place that attracts folks from far and wide.

The city of Lake Worth Beach is working on a city-wide open space and recreation master plan. Their goal is to hear what the residents want through an extensive survey.

Razzano has an idea of what she wants.

“I’m a huge gardener,” Razzano said. “I would love to have a community garden, plant more trees instead of concrete. I would love to have a communal picnic area.”

Lake Worth Beach is a small city, and they don’t have a lot of green space, so maximizing what they have is important.

“We have three multipurpose fields, and then we have a baseball complex at our north end,” Gregory Jarrett with the city’s parks and recreation department said. “We do have a lot of pocket parks or neighborhood parks, playgrounds and picnic pavilions and shelters.”

Jarrett said responses have been varied.

“From younger people to our seniors, who are looking to join a senior club, to some that want to see more picnic benches to a fitness center,” Jarrett said.

Razzano said she supports anything that enhances the livability of Lake Worth Beach.

“It’s the melting pot of Palm Beach County,” Razzano said.

Read more about the plan and take the city’s survey.

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