Saturday, June 22

Longtime Boynton Beach resident has message on cycling safety

There was a common thread at the WPTV Let’s Hear It community meet-up in Boynton Beach. We heard a lot about safety concerns.

That includes longtime Boynton Beach resident and small business owner Tom Goddard. He wanted to get a word in about safety for cyclists. Goddard is a certified trainer.

WPTV anchor Ashley Glass asked Goddard what he’s noticed of late.

“The distracted driving, of course, but also the distracted cycling. I see cyclists trying to text or make a phone call,” Goddard said.

Goddard also told us his sister-in-law had a bicycle accident several years ago when she fell off her bike for unknown reasons while riding in her neighborhood.

“She woke up two months after having been in a medically induced coma,” Goddard said. “Because she didn’t have a helmet on, it nearly cost her life.”

Goodard offers a number of safety tips for cyclists.

“Number one, helmet, don’t leave home without it,” Goddard said. “The bike sized to your dimensions. Any bike shop will fit it if you have a bike that has not been built for you. Lights front and back be lit up day and night and walk your bike across intersections and ride with traffic.”

WPTV asked Goddard why this kind of awareness matters.

“I think you can impact your entire life and your family,” Goddard said. “I’ve seen it. I’ve experienced it. My sister-in-law may have died. Thank goodness she pulled through, but it could have gone the other way.”

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