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Man helps release pelican and receives backlash

New Year’s Day Sunrise – Fishing at Dawn – Wishing All an Awesome Year – Photo Courtesy Rick Alovis

A video of a man “hugging” a pelican received mixed feelings when originally uploaded on Feb. 18.  While some thought that the video was entertaining, most found it dangerous and appalling. As told by Wink News, boat captains and experienced fishermen expressed how dangerous it is to hold on to a pelican for too long. 

These experienced fishermen mentioned that it’s custom to free a pelican by keeping your distance and keeping them on the ground. Most of the disapproval received came from the dangers that holding a pelican may cause and that was seen when the fisherman stated that he was bitten.

However, the fisherman in the video did not break any laws under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and reportedly released the bird back into the wild.

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