Friday, May 24

Martin County Fire Rescue unveils new training facility

Firefighters in Martin County now have a new place to learn and train that will ensure theyre ready for any kind of local emergency.

Thursday morning, Martin County Fire Rescue hosted the grand opening of their new training facility in Stuart.

The new facility was custom built to mimic conditions firefighters would find throughout the county.

Phase 1 of the process, which is now complete, includes a new building with live interactive mannequins and better technology for recruits.

Officials said this has been decades in the making.

This right here, what were witnessing is our organization taking it to the next level. It means that were going to get real world, practical live fire training on a regular basis, Martin County Fire Rescue Chief Chad Cianciulli said. But also, on the medical side, were going to have the technology to keep up with the new treatment modalities and keep up with the ailments that are out there. Were able to follow the science better and were in controlled environment to do it, so were really excited about this facility.

The next phase will include a burn building for live fire training of residential types of fires.

Phase 3 is expected in the next few years and will include a training tower for commercial types of fires.

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