Thursday, June 13

More than 40 ducks found dumped at business near Delray Beach

Dozens of ducks are dead and their remains were recently dumped in front of a business west of Delray Beach.

WPTV on Tuesday spotted feathers near the lid of a dumpster at Delray Feed and Supply. Business owners said it’s a sign of a crime that took place over the weekend tied to the death of more than 40 ducks and an illegal dumping case.

Delray Feed and Supply, located off U.S. Route 441, is a place for animal lovers. So you can imagine what business owner Michelle Cohen’s reaction was when she discovered that over the weekend someone had turned her parking lot into a dumping ground.

“I was disgusted,” Cohen said.

She started asking questions and tried to look for some answers.

WPTV confirmed with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission that officers were dispatched to Delray Feed and Supply over the weekend in response to dumped animal carcasses. Cohen said she was the one who alerted the agency and took photos, which she shared with WPTV.

“[There were] at least 40 [ducks] or more,” Cohen said. “I wanted to know how many, but there’s only so much touching of the carcasses that I really wanted to do.”

FWC’s website has specific information about waterfowl and duck hunting seasons and specific bag limits.

“They definitely were shot and meat was harvested, but it was really just the shocking quantity that I saw,” Cohen said.

As to what type of ducks were killed, the pictures supplied by the owner show they are not Muscovy ducks, which are commonly known as a nuisance species.

It’s not clear how many people were behind this recent case of carcass dumping. Store owners are looking through surveillance video for clues. FWC said they are aware of the situation and are investigating.

“They’re working on figuring out who did do this,” Cohen said. “It’s really an illegal dumping situation and just proper management of your hunting and just limits for people and are you licensed.”

She said she’s not against hunting, but she’s a bigger fan of respecting animals and her space.

“They are lives and they deserve respect even after death,” Cohen said.

The incident is part of an ongoing investigation.

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