Saturday, April 13

Motivational speaker partners with West Palm Beach café to empower budding entrepreneurs

A motivational speaker from West Palm Beach has his sights set on building a better community with three simple words: Let’s get motivated.Starting this weekend, Caleb Wesco is partnering with Rush Bowls Café on Clematis Street to launch a series of events called “Bouncing Back in 2021”.The collaborative conversation is aimed at encouraging budding entrepreneurs to take the next step in their career.Over the last year, Caleb Wesco decided to evolve his love for public speaking into a new opportunity after the pandemic grounded his former traveling position for a wireless company.“I had a dream,” Wesco said. “I wanted to be a speaker, I wanted to be entrepreneur, so I took a chance on myself.”Since then, Wesco launch his ‘Let’s get motivated’ campaign which is focused on empowering people across Palm Beach County.He hopes to help others overcome setbacks from the pandemic and ultimately reach their potential.“That’s what it’s all about, taking a risk,” Wesco said. “Low risk, low reward. High risk, high reward.”The community conversation is geared towards anyone who is looking to shift their mental attitude in their career or simply surround themselves with motivated and positive people.“I’m committed to inspiring people, motivating them, and helping them unlock the best version of themselves,” said Wesco. “With that commitment, everything else will fall in line.”The “Bouncing Back in 2021” series will begin this Saturday, April 3 from 1-2:30 p.m.The free event will take place at Rush Bowls Café at 513 Clematis Street, Suite 103 in West Palm Beach.For more information, click here.

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