Tuesday, November 28

Night of drinking ends with deadly Delray Beach shooting, arrest report states

A night of drinking ended with a deadly shooting inside a beachfront apartment in Delray Beach, according to a newly released arrest report.

Mark Anderson, 45, is facing a first-degree murder charge in the killing of Albert Camentz, 58, at the suspect’s timeshare apartment in the 120 block of North Ocean Boulevard on Wednesday.

Anderson’s friend told Delray Beach police investigators that she and her husband met up with Anderson at a bar in Boca Raton on Tuesday night.

Afterward, they went back to Anderson’s apartment.

On the drive there, Camentz called Anderson’s friend, who invited Camentz to the apartment to continue drinking and go in the hot tub.

The friend told police that “Anderson was okay with Camentz coming,” even though “Anderson had never met Camentz before tonight.”

The arrest report stated that when the group got to Anderson’s apartment, they decided to use the hot tub and Anderson went into his bedroom to get a towel.

The friend told investigators that, moments later, Anderson walked out of his bedroom with a gun and shot Camentz in the chest, which sounded like an “explosion.”

Camentz fell to the floor and said he “felt something in his chest,” the report said.

Despite having trouble breathing, Camentz was able to stand up 15 minutes later and get into his friend’s car.

The friend told police “she did not notice any blood or any holes on Camentz’s shirt and thought he might be having a cardiac arrest.”

Once inside the vehicle, Camentz said he was feeling better and wanted to spend the night at his friend’s home in the 3200 block of Petunia Road in west Delray Beach. However, once they got inside the home, “Camentz became pale white and was complaining of chest pain,” so his friend called 911 at approximately 2:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Palm Beach County deputies and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue paramedics responded to the home where they found Camentz suffering from gunshot wound to the chest.

Camentz was taken to Delray Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. A medical examiner said the bullet had hit Camentz’s heart, liver, and stomach.

According to the arrest report, when Delray Beach police officers went to Anderson’s beachfront apartment later on Wednesday, they found “what appeared to be a blood smear on the inside of the balcony wall.”

Inside the apartment, Anderson was sleeping in his bedroom, and officers also found a black handgun in a black holster.

A search also uncovered “suspected powder cocaine, drug paraphernalia, and numerous alcohol bottles,” the arrest report said.

In court Thursday, a judge ordered Anderson to be held without bond, and also said he can’t have any contact with the victim’s family or witnesses in the case.

It’s unclear why Anderson shot and killed Camentz, a man he “had never met” before.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call Detective John Cacerea at 561-243-7871.

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