Friday, May 24

‘Not a lot of wind’: Heavy rain and high temperatures impacting parts of Treasure Coast

A very active weather day in the Treasure Coast from high temperatures to lots of rain.

In Vero Beach, heavy downpours were seen across the area.

WPTV’s Cassandra Garcia spoke with one motorcyclist who said she drove right through it on her way to Fort Pierce from the Coco Beach area. She explained that she is headed to Clearwater and intentionally took a scenic route to avoid bad weather.

I will slow down in the rain, because it doesnt makes sense to go fast,” Michelle Evans said. “Today, not a lot of wind. I have been in wind where I go sideways, but this has been just a lot of rain and cars kicking up rain.”

Before the storms rolled in Wednesday, Treasure Coast residents were battling the heat with temperatures in the mid 90s.

Martin County Fire Rescue Public Information Officer Cory Pippin said the three main things you can do to protect yourself in these temperatures are water, rest and shade.

If you do plan on working outside or recreating outside at any point during the hardest part of the day, make sure youre wearing loose, light-weight, light-colored clothing,” Pippin said. “That will go a long way in preventing heat related illness.”

He added that as temperatures rise, so do the number of heat related illnesses.

Pippin recommended keeping an eye on children, elderly, and people on certain medications as they can be more susceptible to heat exhaustion.

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