Sunday, March 3

Origami in the Gardens debuts in West Palm Beach

Art and nature will converge at “Origami in the Garden.” WPTV journalist T.A. Walker shined a light on the extraordinary exhibition of 20 larger-than-life sculptures inspired by the Japanese art of origami.

The exhibit will open Sunday at Mounts Botanical Garden and will feature Japanese drummers, Origami paper folding and other crafts, plus food trucks.

The artists will also be on hand to talk about their process and philosophy of making origami sculptures.

It is the oldest form of storytelling in the world. And that really inspired me and I just thought, you know, I got to, this is what I got to do, said artist Kevin Box. That was over 20 years ago having my first success at getting paper, you know, in the metal so to speak, and it’s been keeping us really busy ever since.

The exhibit runs through Mother’s Day. Walker said it’s an awesome place to get some social media pics.

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