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Palm Beach County Attracts a Major Influencer in the World of Corporate Relocation

John Boyd

Boca Raton, FL – The Boyd Company, Inc., one of the nation’s oldest and well known  consultancies in the corporate relocation industry has opened a new office in  Boca Raton, Florida. Founded in 1975 on Princeton, NJ’s historic Nassau Street,  Boyd provides independent location counsel to leading U.S. and overseas  corporations and developers. Boyd, through its site selection activities and  speaking and media appearances, helps to shape the direction of thousands of  jobs and billions of dollars of corporate investment each year.  

Boyd has a long history of work throughout the state of Florida dating back to an  early Time, Inc., relocation from Chicago and New York to Tampa back in the  early 1980s. Boyd clients with South Florida operations include Pratt & Whitney,  Office Depot, Boeing, JP Morgan Chase, TD Canada Trust, Royal Caribbean and  Precision Response Corporation.  

Earlier this year, company principal John Boyd, Jr., was a keynote presenter  addressing the Florida Economic Development Council on the topic of corporate  site selection trends and the roll that incentives play in attracting new business  and jobs to the Sunshine State.  

“A South Florida presence is a great opportunity for us to not only serve the  growing South Florida market, but an international one, as well. We view South  Florida as one of the top gateways to the global market,“ says John Boyd, Jr. 

“Over the years, many of our meetings with Canadian, European and Latin  America clients have been carried out in South Florida. Our location within the  landmark Mizner Park provides a terrific setting for meetings and entertaining  Boyd clients and is much in tune with the popularity of mixed-used  developments, providing a convenient work, live and play environment,” adds  Boyd.  

Florida’s positive business climate and how it has dealt with the pandemic,  including its latest move on tort reform to protect businesses from frivolous  lawsuits due to COVID, has made it a magnet for job creators, wealth and  corporate investment of all types.  

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